Section officers attend Gathering of Leaders



On September 19-21, the section leadership team ventured to Camp Alpine in New Jersey for the annual Gathering of Leaders. While there, they competed in the Section Showcase, attended position specific training, learned about the various opportunities available during the Centennial and competed in region lodge-ball!

Each of the key positions had a summit, where officers learned about Robert’s Rules of Order, designing a training program, executing a conclave, finances, and more.

Additionally, on Friday evening Section NE-6A had the opportunity to successfully compete in the Section Showcase where the section highlighted it’s plans for the 100th anniversary. As a result, one more Order of the Arrow High Adventure campership can be given away to a deserving youth in Section NE-6A.


Overall, a great weekend was experienced by all and the section is looking at a great year!


Section video game!

Cheerfully submitted,

Zach Sager
Section NE-6A Chief