Nentico holds medieval Fall Fellowship.


On October 10-12 Nentico hosted their annual fall fellowship.

The weekend kicked off on Friday evening with an opening campfire. “Hear ye hear ye” , the campfire begins. Skits from each chapter who performed, including timeless classics and new favorites. “Radio Announcer’s Test” was a favorite by all in attendance. This test was used in the mid-1900s and included such ridiculous recitations as “five corpulent porpoises” and “8 apathetic sympathetic diabetic old men on roller skates with a marked propensity for procrastination and sloth”. As the chivalrous campfire came to a close, a Broken Arrow Ceremony was held for Jim Greenbeck. Additionally, several people were called out for the Vigil Honor.

On Saturday morning brothers provided service to Camp Saffran and then had opportunities to experience the new Brotherhood ceremony or learn more about the opportunities in the Order of the Arrow. After a quick lunch, activities opened, the ceremonies team rehearsed, a NOAC meeting was held and fellowship was enjoyed by all.

That evening, the new Brotherhood Ceremony was performed for the first time. Vigil public recognition and service bead announcements preceded an excellent cracker barrel.


Following this, the patch auction began. Over $600 was raised for the Nentico Campership fund through the use of the now-popular mantra “It’s for the kids”.

On Sunday morning the general Lodge meeting was held. A 2015 Lodge flap was voted on and new Lodge officers were elected.


Mac Placaknis gives the new patch a thumbs up!


Chief - Tim M. Vice Chiefs - Tony S., Lane S., and Jimmy B., Secretary - John (LJ) B.

A great weekend was had by all. Congratulations to all the service bead recipients, new Vigil Honor members, new Brotherhood members, and new Lodge officers!

Nentego Lodge holds Fall Weekend


On October 3-5 more than 200 arrowmen and soon-to-be arrowmen descended upon the Del-Mar-Va Council’s newest camp, Akridge Scout Camp. There, close to 60 scouts and scouters were welcomed into the Order. In addition, close to 20 arrowmen sealed their membership as brotherhood members and 4 others kept their Vigil.

While some members were completing various aspects of the inductions process, the rest were able to give service to the new camp and prepare it for further construction. In addition to this, a number of attendees hiked along the Caesar Rodney Historic Trail and picked up trash along the way.

Overall, a great time was had by all. The weekend came to a close with the lodge annual business meeting and the election of the 2014-2015 Nentego Lodge officers.


2014 Nentego Lodge officers


Saturday fellowship yells "bingo"


Congratulations to Nentego newest Vigil Honor members.

Section officers attend Gathering of Leaders



On September 19-21, the section leadership team ventured to Camp Alpine in New Jersey for the annual Gathering of Leaders. While there, they competed in the Section Showcase, attended position specific training, learned about the various opportunities available during the Centennial and competed in region lodge-ball!

Each of the key positions had a summit, where officers learned about Robert’s Rules of Order, designing a training program, executing a conclave, finances, and more.

Additionally, on Friday evening Section NE-6A had the opportunity to successfully compete in the Section Showcase where the section highlighted it’s plans for the 100th anniversary. As a result, one more Order of the Arrow High Adventure campership can be given away to a deserving youth in Section NE-6A.


Overall, a great weekend was experienced by all and the section is looking at a great year!


Section video game!

Cheerfully submitted,

Zach Sager
Section NE-6A Chief

Section releases video game


Section NE-6A has made a video game! Debuted on September 19th at the Northeast Region’s Gathering of Leaders, leaders from across our region to hold the fastest time. You can check it out too! Click here : to play! The current record is held by 2013 Northeast Region Chief Tyler Allen with one second! See if you can best him and comment below!

#LEAD announced as Section Training Event


On January 31, 2015, Section NE-6A will host the inaugural section training event, #LEAD. Here participants will have the opportunity to learn, explore, advance, and deliver exciting techniques and best practices from around our country. This is not an event you will want to miss. It will take place at 540 Joppa Farm Road, Joppa, MD 21085 at the Church of the Holy Spirit. Will you be there?


#LEAD wo loop